May 5, 2007

Application for being a pornstar

I am a male homosexual looking for employment in the porn industry. I am not attracted to women like most males so I can last longer (40 minute scenes is normal for me). The only problem is when I go limp but that can be avoided if I can look at boobs because they intrigue me and can make me last even longer. I always wish I had boobs myself so it is only inspirational for me.

I am also open to anal sex and blowjobs because I can just close my eyes and dream of my dream boy. I don't mind cumming over women's faces because that is what bitches deserve. One of my fantasies is to fuck a girl in the ass while a man fucks mine. It would be so erotic. With oil and jelly rubbed over our bodies too.

Transexuals are actually the best, because then you get the best of both worlds.

I don't mind tossing anyone's salad as long as they're clean and that means showering is a must before any shoot. I prefer open environments but closed rooms are okay too. I am a passionate kisser no matter who it is - male or female.

I prefer shaved girls and boys. Shaved asses are a must.

What turns me on the most is cross-dressing and bondage is one of my minor fantasies. I like to tie up and be tied up. Long straight hair will always be a preference; men or women.

With this, I hope you will consider my application for a full-time pornstar and if you want, I can mail you my portfolio. My penis is of an average size (8 inches) and I am skinny by nature. I like to keep my ass, dick and face shaved, but I can adjust that for different shoots. Sex is what I live for, no matter what kind it is.

I look forward to hearing a positive reply from you.

Yours sincerely,
Billies Billy (Or just call me Bills)

Jan 24, 2007

Take me to the gallows for dreaming

I imagine a world where there is no shit or filth. Where sweet vanilla cream [the kind between Oreos] comes out of your dick when you cum. Where vaginas are made of marshmallows and the orgasmic fluid that comes out of it is honey. Where all body hair is made of flaky chocolate and piss is pineapple juice. Where bisexuality is common, everyone is happy and gay, love is all around and butt-sex is infamous.

I dream, I imagine...

Jan 2, 2007

Siloso Beach Party '07

2007 is here. The Siloso Beach Party was disappointing in that the male-to-female ratio sucked at best. There were way too many guys, way too many Indians, and way too many queues. There was only one main area designated as the dance floor, and I waited 70 minutes in a distorted queue to get in. Luckily, I got in 5 minutes before the new year countdown.

Without a care, I jumped in the middle of the crowd forming under the foam-shower. There were mostly guys except for a couple in between who was being held closely by her guy. For a moment I was directly under the foam spray and I couldn't see. Being completely disorientated, I was being pushed and pulled by the crowd, and with my eyes closed it didn't matter if they were guys or girls. There was intense wet skin contact; rubbing even - thanks to the foam and water spray. I wouldn't say it turned me on, but with my eyes shut I could just use my imagination to think I was rubbing against anyone!

I managed to open my eyes in time before the countdown and witness the brilliant fireworks. If only the hosts with the microphone would shut up for a moment and let me enjoy the moment with some good music. Yeah, the hosts were pretty bad. The thing is, compared to Zoukout, Siloso was a knight without the 'k'.

I've heard MTV Asia is going down, as they have started laying off workers [apparently they're down from 200+ to 80]. The Siloso Beach Party was probably one of their last breaths in their struggle for oxygen in Singapore.

Dec 31, 2006

Butt Devil

<-- Not this kind of a butt devil. Oh no! That foundation and the hair on his back, no way!

My butt devil would come under 'bad hygiene' according to most people. See, I'm used to washing my ass with water and then drying it with a tissue paper. But lately the container I used to fill water in has been stolen, and all I have is a tissue paper to wipe my butt. So well, I developed two gigantic pimples on my nice little butt. And it hurts like hell. I can't sit, lie down or even walk too much because of the friction with clothes!

All this to deal with on New Year's Eve when I am going to a rave party at the beach! This is fucking sad. Siloso will be so pumping tonight! I hope the swelling and pain subside so that I can have some fun. Who knows, I might get laid tonight! And hell, I haven't shaved off excess body hair on my ass because of the butt devil! But I guess I'll take care of my pubic hair, which has grown long enough. Back in the '80s I would've been cool with all my hair, but well, you gotta live according to the times.


I don't know what comes to your head when you read the title, "guy with a two-track mind". But no, I'm most definitely not bisexual. I love women - most shapes and sizes, but sometimes I do think of what it would be like to be with a man. Actually I already know that back from my early teen years. Don't know if that was child abuse or molestation, but I touched a grown man's penis when I was 12-13, and I was stimulated at the same time. Can't say if it was excitement from danger or the fact that I hadn't worn any underwear under my loose clothing.

The main reason for me to make this rather discreet blog is to discover and direct my sexual thoughts to find out the true nature of my sexuality. I do have man-on-man fantasies, but I have tried butt sex, and it's no fun. No, I would rather fuck a real woman. But when it comes to fellatio, I guess it doesn't really matter if it's a guy or a girl. You just need anyone's mouth. Of course it's a great help if the person has long hair.

At best, you could call me bicurious, but I can't let that label stick with me in my social life. I don't want all my friends to feel uncomfortable with me. For me, this is where I will share my inner-most thoughts - things that even scare me sometimes, and still remain anonymous.